Devon Rex Cats

Here you can purchase a super healthy Devon Rex pet with good breeding abilities.

There are available kittens born April 28, 2022

Devon Rex Cats

Here you can purchase a super healthy Devon Rex pet with good breeding abilities.

There are available kittens born April 28, 2022

About us

“DevonShir” cattery offers you to buy Devon Rexdelivery to the UK, Canada, USA, Israel, Europe and Asia. We are registered and certified in the system: WCF and FiFe club.

What we do

Our Devon Rex cats’ cattery breeds animals and sells them all over the World. You are able to buy a healthy Devon Rex cat with excellent breeding abilities.

Why people choose us

We're in charge of the breed purity and cats’ health. In our cattery there are only representatives of the show class of the Devon Rex breed.

Our kittens

The cattery pets are already house trained and vaccinated. Our Devon Rex kids are sociable, playful, and easily make contact with an affectionate owner. We do not cage in or confine our pets!

Briefly about Devon Rex cats

You have come to the right place, if you made up your mind to get a short haired cat. In our Devon Rex cattery you will find a thoroughbred animal, show class representatives. Healthy vaccinated kittens with all medical documents are ready to become full members of your family! All animals are house trained, friendly, get on well with children. We do not breed our kittens in cages, we bring them up in love and comfortable atmosphere.

When purchasing a Devon Rex cat in the cattery, you get a kind, loyal, gentle friend, a fluffy ball of priceless happiness. Short, soft and curly fur, neat ears, love and fidelity to people - you can’t help but fall in love with such qualities! The photos of Devon Rex cats are presented on the web site, so you have a chance to view the beauty of the animals.

We have good news for cleanliness lovers: these pets mostly do not leave their hair in an apartment. The cats enjoy sitting in an owner’s hands, watching a movie together, or just fall asleep nearby, soothing you after a hard working day.

Advantages of DevonShir cattery

You are recommended to enquire with us for the following reasons:

1. Pedigree cats of the breeders from the USA, Europe and Russia.

2. We manage animals in an apartment where they start socializing with people since their early months. You get a cat with steady psyche and social interaction skills.

3. Our pets are fed with premium and holistic class cats’ food, supplementary vitamins, are regularly examined in vet clinics and get foreign vaccination to prevent some dangerous diseases rabies, chlamydia, infectious peritonitis.

4. We are registered in system WCF and FiFe. We own a registration number and a certificate.

5. DevonShir cattery cats meet high breed standards and do not have any drawbacks in their appearance.

6. Devon Rex cats are delivered personally by hand. Even if you are in another country UK, Canada, USA, Israel, Europe and Asia, we will deliver your cat and provide a comfortable trip

7. Open collaboration: we are always glad to answer customers questions, even if you bought a pet several years ago, we will tell all about the maintenance, feeding and care rules.

Attention: we sell the cats which are up to the age of 3,5-4 months, right after their social adaptation, degelminization and receiving a vaccination document.

One call to the cattery DevonShir - and you are able to obtain a devoted friend with soft fur and a little clever snout!

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