Kittens Devon Rex of DevonShir cattery

All kittens are healthy, vaccinated and house trained. The diet comprises exceptionally high-quality food, as well as vitamins, which is necessary for the proper growth and development of a kitten. We are categorically against of keeping the kittens in cages or separate rooms, where they come 1-2 times a day just to feed. With us they run around the apartment and are constantly in contact with the person and other cats, which contributes to their good emotional development, and if you already have one pet, they will quickly become friends. Kittens are very sociable, kind, affectionate and playful, definitely will not let you get bored! Their curly hair almost does not shed, like other cat breeds, so there will not be some annoying wool on your clothes and at home.

Here you can buy a Devon Rex kitten from exhibition parents, whose pedigree we can officially confirm. Mom and Dad have high titles, cups and many other awards. You buy a kitten of a show class, which has the real genes of the Devon Rex, and this, in addition to their curly hair, gives one of the main distinguishing features in the breed - KINDNESS. After spending time with them, holding them in your arms, you will understand that you haven’t met yet any cats better than Devons in character! These are companion cats, they are very attached to their owner, they ask to be petted, they like to sit on your hands, ride on your shoulders, and they are not embarrassed at all, even if you walk around the apartment at this time)) They are also often called Kotopes (cat-dog), because they resemble dogs when bring objects (toys) to be thrown

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Kittens’ parents

Father Gr.Int.Ch Elfe Feerique Taddy
Grand International Champion

Mother Int.Ch Curly Time Mursiya
International Champion

Котенок Девон Рекс - DevonShir Baldric

Kitten DevonShir Baldric

Date of birth 07.11.2018
Sex - a male cat
Status - Available

Котенок Девон Рекс - DevonShir Baron

Kitten DevonShir Baron

Date of birth 07.11.2018
Sex - a male cat
Status - Sold out

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Terms of sale of Devon Rex kittens

What you get from us along with a kitten:

  1. Veterinary passport;
  2. Contract for a kitten;
  3. Pedigree from the cattery;
  4. Certificate of origin of the kitten;
  5. Vaccination certificate;
  6. Cat food and cat litter for the first time.

As a pet, our boy-kittens will be able to go to you at the age of 3.5 months, and girl-kittens at 4-4.5 months. This is due to the postoperative period after castration and sterilization; it takes longer for cats.

Kitten with the available status can be booked by making a prepayment of half of the cost. If for some reason you change your mind and don’t want to buy a Devon Rex kitten, the prepayment is not refundable, and another person can purchase the pet. If you suddenly have an allergic reaction after acquiring and living with a pet, the terms of return are discussed individually

We deliver Devon Rex kittens to USA, Canada, China, Israel, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, England, Sweden, Holland, Austria and also throughout Europe and Asia.

Delivery is charged separately, the cost depends on your place of residence and the cost of customs services courier.

The price of Devon Rex kittens

- The cost of a kitten depends on the purpose for which you acquire it: for breeding, or as a pet.

- The pedigree qualities, gender, age, color and history of the breed influence the price of the kitten. But certainly in the company of such an active, playful and inquisitive pet like Devon Rex, you will not be bored, because watching the pranks of this curly one will give its owner only positive emotions and a wonderful mood. The cat will respond to love and attention of the owner with all its sincerity and devotion which an open and loving heart is able to show.