International Cat Show 24-25.11.2018

International Cat Show 24-25.11.2018

Our cat DevonShir Adele💖 performed well.

WCF International Cat Show was held in St. Petersburg / Russia November 24-25, 2018

The exhibition organizers were very pleased with their prizes. Prizes were enough.

Results of our junior DevonShir Adele💖:

- EX1 expert estimates were obtained.
- In a difficult fight in the WCF ring got second place.
- In the fan show took 1/8.
- Received NOM BIS every day 🎉🤩😻.
- Received the Best Junior of each day 💖 and became Best General 💖.
- And lastly, Adele received a special prize - the crown and title of the exhibition princess🌟!

We are so happy! And so proud of our girl! 🤩🎉😻.